Shipped With Perfection

Gym Class Heroes band leader Travis McCoy was arrested tuesday night for assaulting a concert-goer at The Warped Tour. The audience member allegedly yelled out “you f***ing ignorant n**er!!”. Thats when McCoy started assaulting the man with his microphone. he had this to say: “I’m sorry. But when someone calls you something that ignorant and that offensive, you have to bash their head in with a microphone,” said McCoy.

McCoy was released early Wednesday morning on a $500 Bond.

I dont know if I would have attacked him in front of thousands of fans, but I do know I would have caught homeboy after the show and whooped some ass. I’m just sayin.



  1. That is messed up I guess Travis a little of south central in him lol.

  2. hey travis, i love u heaps!…U ARE SO HOT!


  3. He pulled the guy on stage after he said it and asked him what he just said and the guy swung at him first. Travis was defending himself.

  4. good job on fighting back. the guy who said that must have been a huge duche bag! you deserve to be able to whip his ass boy!!

  5. Travy baby its in the stars find me on face book x

  6. OheMmgee… Traviis I love you so much

    && I think he deserved the ass kickiing you gave him

  7. Zach Ivanich said:

    i would have done the same fuckin thing.
    that’s just plain rude and that kidd deserved a microphone to the head! haha

  8. haha I bet Travis kicked his a$$, Go Travis Go Travis!!

  9. Lol Ownage on him he needed that!!!!!!

  10. omg i was at that warped tour show! it was so great!

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