Shipped With Perfection

Season 5 of the 2008 NAACP Award Winning Reality Series is back! Yep thats right Runs House is hitting your TV screens Wednesday July 16 at 10 PM ET/PT on MTV. This time around, everyone is literally all over the map. Rev Run is experiencing a career resurgence as he tours the country with Kid Rock while wife Justine holds down the fort in New Jersey. Vanessa and Angela are living bicoastal lifestyles by traveling between Los Angeles and New York City while working hard to secure their niche in life. JoJo focuses on college and continues his quest for world domination with his rap group, Team Blackout. Diggy is stuck in the tween stage — too young to run with the big kids and too old to have much interest in hanging out at home — and seeks solace in his newfound love of skateboarding. And, with little Miley on-board, Russy is no longer the baby of the family, so he struggles to assert himself as the man of the house.

This is the only wholesome show on MTV and i cant wait to see the new season, Make sure you tune in!


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