Shipped With Perfection

In the new ‘swagger’ issue of VIBE mag, R&B Superstar Usher Raymond reveals all. He addresses all of the rumors and controversy that had revolved around him for the past year. From ‘firing’ his mother, to marrying his longtime stylist Tameka Foster who is much older than him. He quotes:

“Am I so much of a bad guy because I decided to get married? Am I so much of a bad guy [because once I got in the situation], I decided to stand for something, build a foundation, and think about my future?” he asks. “As a man, you would respect me for not turning my back on it.”

Also in the July issue All of the members of B2K tell their stories of why they really broke up, and Chris Stokes finally speaks about his alleged molestation acts. I read this article and it was really intense. The most shocking part was when J.Boog and ‘Lil Fizz claimed that omarion betrayed the group by telling Chris Stokes that the group was turning against Chris. They also claim that Chris Stokes abused, controlled, and manipulated them. Thats some kray kray ish right there.

The New July issue is on a newsstand near you!

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