Shipped With Perfection

Rapper Yung Berg has decided to start another round of beef in the hip hop world. He is aiming at Florida rappers Brisco, and Flo Rida. Heres what he said when being interviewed recently at a radio station:

I don’t deal with beef or negativity.” But then when asked further about the situation with Brisco, he continued, “He might lose a couple of them teeth…I don’t even address dudes by they name that hasn’t been on 106th & Park countdown…so now it’s one hundred, I’m punchin’ that n—- in the mouth when I see him. Believe that…so like I said, eat a d— like Ice-T told Soulja Boy no homo.”

I think he just needs to grow up. He should take notes from Kanye & Weezy who both show love to one another constantly and don’t create unnecessary beef. WORD

In other Hater News:

Reverend Jesse Jackson is smoking some serious ish. During an appearance on FOX, Jackson made a comment about Obama claiming that he wants to cut Obama’s goodies off. Jackson later claimed that he didnt know his microphone was still on. I think Jackson should just go and hide from now on, because after that comment theres no way in China that he’s gonna get political support once Obama becomes president. Check out the video off his hater moment below:



  1. Jesse is so wrong for that. He said that stuff because he is hating on Obama because Jesse Jackson ran for president and did not win.

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