Shipped With Perfection

Up and coming artist Santogold is upset over people labeling her music as hip-hop. The young singer finds it ‘racist’ for people to do so. The singer is not a fan of R&B and during a recent interview with ‘The Lipster’ she made sure that everyone knew so:

I didn’t grow up as a big fan of R&B and, like, what is the big shocker? It’s stupid. In the beginning I thought that was funny. I’m an ‘MC’, I’m a ‘soul singer’, I’m a ‘dance hybrid artist’. And some guy said I looked like Kelly Rowland!”

Santogold claims her album is “a pop record”, saying: “I made sure it was.”

Ironically, it’s likely Santogold’s record label ‘Warners’ is responsible for supplying genre information.

Ummm ok then, what the hell type of music is it then?!! Whatevs, shes still dope to me. Even though she doesn’t embrace her black culture. If your not familiar with Santogold, than you can check out her music HERE, and make sure you add her on MYSPACE if you like what you hear!



  1. Africa Blk said:

    WOW!!! i didnt know you had to “embrace” you black culture by placing yourself in a “catagorie” and a broad one at that *shaking head* shame shame shame well………now im informed : D (being sarcastic as all hell) Love Santogold!!! her voice brings forth a refreshing wave of music (yeah refreshing because to me there is music similar an will always be-no one will ever be completely original-everything is copied from some form, sound, fabric, color, taste so on and so forth) anyway POP humm….i say the “label” fits (damn im not into labels either but…..thats the way simple minded people use to think/focus thoughts-an its the only way to identify EVERYTHING from race, flowers, seasons so on and so forth) off the subject yeah i know-before i go PEACE LOVE AND ALL NATURAL STUFF *Africa*

  2. I realise this is almost two years old, but still… Embracing black culture? Her record is littered with reggae/dancehall influences.

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