Shipped With Perfection

Kim Porter (baby mother to 3 of Diddy’s children) has inked a deal with Lifetime Television to do a reality series focusing on her life as a single mother raising four kids in LA. Actor Blair Underwood is set to produce the show. I dont see how it could be that hard for her when Diddy’s giving her bookoo money every month for there kids, she just made a movie and probably made millions, and she knows damn well she hires a nanny to raise her little girls. Puhlease they need to do a reality series over STRUGGLING single mothers who get a welfare check every month and fight to keep food on the table every day, and did you NOT see her oldest son Quincy all blinged out on Sweet 16? And they got the nerve to do a reality show on her life as a SINGLE mom knowing damn well Diddy supports her. FOOLISHNESS

Shout out to SandraRose for the info!


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  2. she need to go somewhere an d stop trying to make people feel bad 4 her cause i don’t. she know she getting money she just want attention because diddy got it. not only that she want money of her own so that she won’t be talked about (child suppot and what she had with diddy ) when her name is bought up in the public eye.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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