Shipped With Perfection

Many of you may remember Jill Marie Jones from her role as “Tony Childs” on the hit UPN series ‘Girlfriends’. After 6 seasons with the show Jill left the show due to the ending of her contract. There were numerous rumors surrounding her departure claiming that she “fought” with her cast mates, or wanted more money, etc. But the truth is it was just time for her to go and pursue other things in her career. Jones has’nt gone anywhere. She appeared in the 2007 film The Perfect Christmas alongside Gabrielle Union, Morris Chectnut, Queen Latifah, Rachel True, and Terrence Howard. In August of last year, Jones began filming Major MovieStar alongside Jessica Simpson. She is also in the upcoming move Comeback. To stay up to date with Jill Marie Jones and her upcoming projects, you can check out her site HERE.



  1. Denise Mckay said:

    Am from Liberia and I realy like to see you in the next season Girlfriend please go back.

  2. im 4rom n9ja and i love jones so much and would like 2 see her play the same role in her subsequent movies

  3. Steve Horvath said:

    I am Steve from Chicago. I really enjoyed watching Jill Marie Jones in the Girlfriend’s sitcom. She brought Sunshine into it.
    I was glad to read that she is moving onto bigger and better things in her life as she is taking on new challenges in the movie industry.
    I wish her success and the best!
    Steve H.

  4. maxine foster said:

    after jill was gone so was the show, miss the self centerness and for once you didn’t have to be light skin to be BEAUTIFUL . I ENJOYED WTHEM ALL BUT BETTER TOGETHER. PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER

  5. I jux want Toni back on the show.

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