Shipped With Perfection

He goes by the name of Asher Roth, and he is definitely illllll. This dude spit madd crazy on the ‘a milli’ beat and he definitely puts all other ‘remixers’ to shame. Dont believe me? Check it out HERE. And unlike all the other rappers who brag about the ‘milli-ons’ they have, Asher raps about REAL things you should be doing with that milli. Dont let his skin complexion fool you, because homeboy is so talented, he spit 150 bars in front of Jay-z himself, and the HOVA man said, “OK….OK.. You’re nice”. You seriously need to get familiar with Asher Roth, because he will soon be bleeding through a speaker near you sometime soon. PEACE

Check him out on his official myspace page HERE.


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