Shipped With Perfection


The Africa Fashion Festival took place last night at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall in Washington DC. The Afica Rising Festival was created by Nigerian THISDAY newspaper editor-in-chief Nduka Obaigbena,  he created the music and fashion festival to highlight Africa’s artistic, political, and economic culture.

“Africa Rising Music Festival is to tell the world that there’s more about Africa than the news intends you [to] see — [more] than the wars, than the famine and all of that,” says Obaigbena.

The event featured a fashion show promoting supermodels and leading African Designers. Jay-Z and John Legend took the stage to perform as well.

Nigeria designer Fati Asibelua, who showcased her work at the festival, founded her boutique line Momo in 2000.

“The modern clothing we have to tap into the African culture into our design and therefore for Europeans and Americans it is something new, we have not seen this,” she says.

Check out pics of all the attendees and participants below:

                                        Jay-Z performed

                                John Legend, Ndoka Obaigbena, Jay-Z


                         John Legend Performed  

Jeweler Chris Aires’ jewelry was modeled at the event.

Supermodel Alek Wek modeling Chris Aires’ jewelry.

Supermodel Tyson Beckford and all his sexiness was there. LOL




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