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Solange just earned 1000 cool points in my book. Solange’s new track entitled “F**k The Industry” is a track off of her upcoming mixtape I Can’t Get Clearance. In the song, Solange says she is not her picture-perfect sister Beyonce, and that she’s not hood like Keyshia Cole and she names a few other people such a Jennifer Lopes and Mary J. Blige. Check out the song HERE. Make sure you get her album Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams August 26th! I’m seriously addicted to her album right now. Even though its not out yet i have the whole album on the pod, (I’m still gonna buy two copies though!)  “White Picket Dreams“, “Sandcastle Disco” and “ChampagneChronicNightCap” are my faves.


Comments on: "SOLANGE’S NEW SONG: “F**K THE INDUSTRY”" (1)

  1. mppph. Who photoshopped her nose?

    And I thought she was one of the ones who would stay true

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