Shipped With Perfection

Laurence Fishburne will join the cast of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” in its 10th season, CBS announced Monday. Fishburne’s as-yet-unnamed character is a former pathologist who is working as a college lecturer when, in the season’s ninth episode, he becomes involved with a case being investigated by the Las Vegas team.

“It’s a great day at ‘CSI,'” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told reporters on a conference call yesterday. “We’re all backslapping each other. This has been months in the making, talking about a character that we wanted to create, then pursuing our dream casting, which is Laurence Fishburne.”

Fishburne has been brought in to replace William Petersen, who CBS announced last month was leaving the show after the 10th episode of the coming season. However, Fishburne’s character will not directly replace Petersen’s Gil Grissom in the Las Vegas Crime Lab ranks.

“To be perfectly frank, I had not watched the show prior to having a meeting with Naren and Carol, but the episodes they’ve sent me since were engaging and really wonderful and kind of dark and moody, like a lot of the work I’ve been involved with,” said Fishburne. “I just thought, ‘Wow, that’s cool.’ I’m very excited.”

Yay, I’m happy Laurence has joined the cast, because I heard they were negotiating a few other actors as well, but Laurence is obviously the best one for the job. I’m going to miss William Petersen on the show, but I’m excited to see what Fishburne will bring to the show. (SOURCE)


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