Shipped With Perfection

Beyonce and her mom Tina Knowles did an interview for the Early Show on Thursday, speaking on how proud they are of Solange and how happy they are of her success. Aww how sweet.

In other Solange news, the singer made a video to set the record straight about the Fox News interview incident that happened earlier this week. If you havent seen it CLICK HERE. Anywho she just sets the record straight in the video and puts all the rumors to sleep.



  1. I don’t see why they would come on tv and just say how much they love their other daughter. People who interview them should already know how private they are about their family and rightfully so. The media needs to stop caring so much. I would attack every reporter, too, if I were a celebrity. Like celebrities do stuff, like pledge cash and put out good product. You never even hear the release date of the movie or cd because they want to ask about their personal life. I already know it’s fantastic and better than mine. Thank you. Leave the people alone and let them talk about what they are famous for. If they wanted us to be in their business, we’d be watching them on E! Or some other reality show.

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