Shipped With Perfection


After performing at Sunday’s VMAs, Lupe Fiasco spoke to Rap-Up Magazine about his third and possibly final studio album, L.U.P.N., due in stores by the end of 2009.

“I just don’t really feel like rapping anymore,” Lupe admitted. “I’m going to write a book and put out [other artists’] albums like Matthew Santos.”

Sadly, he stands by his word and claims it’s not another Jay-Z episode. The “Superstar” rapper says he hasn’t even started recording the new album yet. He will begin work next year.

This cannot happen! Lupe is the ONLY rapper who’s CD I have ever bought in my life! His lyrics are out of this world and the truth behind them is indescribable. He is the greatest MC out right now. People are seriously sleeping on him. If you  dont believe me or you are a fan of that ghetto rap trash such as Soulja Boy, then I suggest you find your way to the nearest Best Buy and pick up a copy of Lupe’s most recent album. “The Cool” and blast it like theres no tommorrow, shoot I still have that CD on rotation. “DUMB IT DOWWNNNNNN”



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  1. That is crazy I like Lupe.

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