Shipped With Perfection


R&B Star Usher was spotted with his baby boy Usher Jr. The two were accompanied by an unknown woman in the park yesterday afternoon. Usher and his wife Tameka are expecting there second child together. I think its funny how he’s looking at the camera like “Oh man yall about to start some rumors”, LOL Peep the pic below:



  1. Usher this is your home girl from chattanooga where you where born. I told you from the jump that wasnt going to work. That bitch is a gold digger. You would had been better off with with Chill. I love you keep your head god loves you also your fans.

    MS. Diva

  2. Hey, my name is tasha im your biggest fan in the whole while world. Im 26 years old and I know everything about you. I even celebrates your birthday with my mom because you both have the same birthday. would there ever be a chance to meet you ever for my birthday if you cant I do understand.

  3. u r a player

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