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The Longshots premiere took place yesterday in Westwood, California. Several celebs came out to show their support such as Tatyana Ali, Tyler Perry and David Banner. The movie stars Ice Cube and Keke Palmer, as well as Tasha Smith. The movie hits theaters this Friday, August 22.

KeKe Palmer

Tatyana Ali

Keke Palmer, Ice Cube, Jasmine Plummer (the movie is based on her), and the movie’s director Fred Durst.

David Banner

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Gabrielle Union looked stunning at the premiere of her new movie “Meet Dave.” She looks a bit different to me; maybe its the make-up. Any who, I know you’ve all seen the commercials for this movie, and I’m pretty sure you don’t have a desire to see it because if the commercials are boring, then Lord knows the whole film will be. I hope it does good though; because Gabby is my favorite actress EVER and I always root for her projects.

Eddie Murphy was a no show to the premiere, and all I wanna know is why wouldn’t you go to your OWN movie premiere?!…..especially when your the STAR! ugh foolishness I tell you, FOOLISHNESS.

Any who, If you have nothing else to do this weekend then go out and see “Meet Dave” this Friday!

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