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So yesterday I saw Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys and I must say it is Tyler’s best film yet. I think I shouted at the screen about 10 times, seriously. I dont want to give the movie away for those of you who havent seen it, but there are a few characters in the movie that ticked me the hell off…Ugh I know its just acting but that ish happens in real life. The message of the whole story to me was that many families dont get along, and that family members will go so far to avoid their past, that they’ll do anything to keep it in the past. I strongly suggest this movie to everyone, every family, every woman who’s ever felt betrayed, and just anyone who has family issues…go see it! Tyler seriously outdid yourself man.

Samuel L. Jackson really did his thing in this movie. He played a paranoid police officer who terrorizes his new neighbors, who are an interracial couple. Throughout the movie he does the craziest things to his new neighbors just because they are interracial. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. Kerry Washington did a good job in this movie. One thing I find funny is thatĀ Jada Pinkett-Smith’s little brother Caleb Pinkett was in the movie, and the critics said he was a co-star, and he only had a 10 second cameo! lol..oh the hilarity. But anywho, make sure you checkĀ  out this movie! Your jaw will be on the floor just like mine was!



I absolutely loved this movie! I love movies that make you cry and laugh at the same time. The first one was amzing but this one just made it even better. The story line was awesome and they gave so many valuable lessons on life and friendships. The hotness that is Jesse Williams made me love it even more. Make sure you go and catch this movie in theaters, trust me when I tell you, you wont be dissapointed.

He seriously just made my husband list. LOL


SO I went and saw Tropic Thunder on its premiere night two days ago. The movie was not my cup of tea due to the weird humor, but there were a few scenes that made me chuckle a bit. There basically making fun of diva actors who think there too good and actors who do anything and everything just to win an Oscar. They also showed how some white actors go to extremes to just portray a character of ethnicity. When I heard about the controversy over the movie making fun of ‘challenged’ people, I didnt understand what the big deal was, but after seeing it I understood. All I can say is it was the weirdest movie i have EVER seen, and if your willing to spend 2 hours watching it then go ahead. Oh and theres a few surprise cameos in the movie as well.


So today I went and saw “WANTED”. This movie was so badass! Angelina Jolie was amazing as always, and the sexiness that is Common was too much for me. Morgan Freeman was raunchy in this movie which is not something people are used to from him. This movie was the best movie I’ve seen in forever. Hancock just got bumped down to number 2. I’m tell you this movie is awesome and worth every penny! Go out and see it you wont be dissapointed!


So today I went and saw the biggest movie of the year “Hancock”. I thought the movie was very intense. There were a few parts that threw me off a bit, but I think thats what director Peter Berg was going for. There is a huge twist in the middle of the movie and i wont tell because I dont want to spoil it. Charlize Theron was amazing in this movie and she was gorgeous as always. Will Smith was a little raunchy in a few parts but that just defined his character. The movie wasn’t what I expected and thats a good thing. I wouldn’t advise children to see it because its not one of the Spiderman superhero movies. Well overall I give the movie a A-! Go out and see it, “Hancock” is in a theater near you!

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