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If your a HUGE Hills fan as much as I am than you cant wait to see the new season. The new season premieres tommorrow 9/10 PT on MTV. Make sure you tune in!

UPDATE: Sooo the premiere kinda sucked to me, I thought it would have been better, and I HATE how everytime they have someone on the show there like “So what do you do” or “where are you from?”. Like they dont know about the show or the cast! they know darn well they know about the show AND the cast…ugh that annoys me! LOL. Anywho Audrina and Lo’s ‘talk’ was the hilarity moment of the show “I DONT CARE”. lmao…oh goodness.



Usher will perform at the “NFL Opening Kickoff 2008″ on September 4th from New York City’s Columbus Circle. The R&B singer will team up with country music star Keith Urban to perform the NFL theme song “Believe In Now.” Make sure you tune in.



Talk Show Mogul Oprah Winfrey is in talks to open this year’s Emmy Awards. Oprah will be  be on stage for the first few moments of the telecast. No word on what exactly Ms. Winfrey will be doing as of now, but more info will come in the coming days. The Emmy’s take place September 21, 2008 at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.



R&B Singer Monica is starring in her own reality show. The show is a one-hour reality special following her as she works with record producer Bryan-Michael Cox and J Records A&R executives Larry Jackson and Jaha Johnson on an upcoming single for her fifth studio album Lessons Learned.

The show will also show Monica’s life with her to son’s Rocko Jr. and Romelo. Also her fiancee rapper/producer Rodney ‘Rocko’ Hill. “The Single: Monica” premieres August 5th at 10 p.m. on Atlanta’s Peachtree TV.

You can check out previews HERE.


Tyler Perry blesses us again with another phenomenal movie. “The Family That Preys” is the 6th Perry release and it stars: Alfre Woodard, Rockmond Dunbar, Sanaa Lathan, Taraji P. Henson, Robin Givens, Kathy Bates and Tyler Perry himself. The movie hits theaters September 12. Make sure you go out and support!


Hosted by CNN anchor/reporter Soldedad O’Brien, this four hour television documentary reveals the struggles and obstacles and every day life of blacks in America today. It premieres Wednesday at 9p.m. on CNN with a two-hour segment titled “The Black Woman & Family”. The documentary continues on Thursday at 9p.m. with a similiar examination called “The Black Man”. Make sure you tune in watch this historic documentary because it will enlighten you on things you never even knew.


Season 5 of the 2008 NAACP Award Winning Reality Series is back! Yep thats right Runs House is hitting your TV screens Wednesday July 16 at 10 PM ET/PT on MTV. This time around, everyone is literally all over the map. Rev Run is experiencing a career resurgence as he tours the country with Kid Rock while wife Justine holds down the fort in New Jersey. Vanessa and Angela are living bicoastal lifestyles by traveling between Los Angeles and New York City while working hard to secure their niche in life. JoJo focuses on college and continues his quest for world domination with his rap group, Team Blackout. Diggy is stuck in the tween stage — too young to run with the big kids and too old to have much interest in hanging out at home — and seeks solace in his newfound love of skateboarding. And, with little Miley on-board, Russy is no longer the baby of the family, so he struggles to assert himself as the man of the house.

This is the only wholesome show on MTV and i cant wait to see the new season, Make sure you tune in!

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