Shipped With Perfection

In addition to LL Cool J, Donnie Klang has revealed to Rap-Up TV that he will be joining the U.S. leg of Janet Jackson’s Rock Witchu Tour as an opening act. The tour kicked off September 10th in Vancouver, B.C.

“How am I supposed to really believe that this is goin’ on? It’s like a dream,” the Bad Boy recording artist said on the red carpet at Sunday’s VMAs.

Donnie? Seriously? Of alllll the artists out there they pick Donnie? I’m not trying to stop his hustle but I mean really? Rihanna? Ciara? Ne-Yo? THEY are actual artists who have sold millions of records, but of all the artists they choose DONNIE? Guess Janet likes Making The Band. lol




  1. I feel she picked a good new comer ! Although there’s alot of talented veterans. There’s something special about him. I wish Donnie much success. I know he’s overwhelmed with emotion, and honor to tour with the greatest “Ms. Jackson” I must admit I didn’t expect for LL Cool J to tour with “Janet” I”m attending Janet’s Tour on October 2 @ The Wachovia Center, and I’m excited to see Donnie Klang perform ! Words cannot express my feelings on watching Janet Jackson perform. It’s one the greatest feelings of joy I’ve ever had watching her perform in the past.

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